Uige’s Airport

Uige’s Airport
Uige’s Airport
Uige’s Airport

This project refers to Uige’s Airport maneuvering areas rehabilitation, foreseeing the improvement of the air transport safety conditions, namely to the new airplanes to operate in Angola, such as Boeings 727-200 and 737-700 W.

Uige’s Airport has a runway 2 000 m long and 30 m wide, two taxi-ways and an airplane parking platform. The runway, the taxi-ways and the parking platform present a much deteriorated asphalt pavement, with cracks, wheel paths erosion and several depressions. The Airport does not have any shoulders or any ground cleared runway strip protections (STRIP) and any Runway End Safety Areas (RESA).

The rehabilitation includes the existent pavement improvement, the extension of the runway to 2 300 m through earthworks, the increase of the platform width to 45 m, the introduction of paved shoulders, the ground clearance and earthworks of the runway strip protection, and the construction of RESA’s areas, in order to obtain a 4C classification.

The indicators and signalling devices, markings of the runway, taxi-ways and parking platform, as well as the adequate lighting signs to non-precision instrument approaches were also included in this project.


Geological and Geotechnical studies, Preliminary Design and Final Design.


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2008 - 2010



Tecnovia Angola


TPF Consultores

TPF Angola


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