Pessegueiro Hydro-agricultural Scheme

The use of the Hydroagricultural Pessegueiro, inserted in the Guadiana basin, aims to benefit some 40 ha corresponding to small parcels with existing land ownership structure of small farms. It consists of a dam embankment about 15m high, the irrigation network with about 2.5 km long and the road network. The constituent elements have the following characteristics. Dam - The Dam Pessegueiro will lead to a reservoir with a total capacity of 297x103m3 and area of 7.86 ha, which will have a maximum height of 15m and a development of about 209m crown for being so necessary to build a dam on the mark left, about 3.5 m in height and 98m development crowning. Irrigation Network System - the gravitational type, in which the load is fixed minimum available piezometric (corresponding to the dimension of the water level in the reservoir at the EOD), defining the diameters of the conduits will pass on the pressure in the different taken for irrigation. For the sake of constructive and operational nature, the minimum diameter allowed for the pipes is set at 90 mm. Apart from the hydrant, and in order to ensure the proper functioning of the system and the sectioning of sections for repairing conduits, are installed along the irrigation network, suction, discharge of the bottom and isolating valves in accordance with the characteristics and the sizing parameters general characteristics. Roads - hasa cross-section consisting of one lane of 3.50 m, surrounded by berms to 0.50m. The platform has a cross slope of 2.5% in order to ensure the drainage of water to the surface trench. The slopes have inclinations of 1V / H 1.5 for both situations as a landfill for excavation.


Construction Works Supervision

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Work's Value

1,3 Milhões


2007 - 2008



Direcção Regional da Agricultura do Algarve


TPF Consultores


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