Foz Tua Hydroelectric

Foz Tua Hydroelectric
Foz Tua Hydroelectric

The Foz Tua Hydroelectric (AHFT) is one of the priority projects of the National Programme of Dams with strong Hydroelectric Potential (PNBEPH) promoted by the Portuguese Government.

The AHFT project is located on the Terminal part of the river Tua and include the dam, hydraulic, Central, substation, cutting station and reservoir. 

The AHFT is equipped with two reversible groups, enabling it to pump water from Régua reservoir to the dam of Tua, thus increasing the value of hydroelectric power.

Key features of hydroelectric:

  • Full Storage Level (SPL): 170
  • Maximum full level: 171
  • The maximum height of the dam: 107 m
  • Extension of the reservoir: 27 km
  • The total volume of the reservoir: 106 hm3
  • Power: 255MW
  • The net annual production of 275 GWh
  • Quota of expropriation: 171
  • Total flooded area: 420 ha


Implementation and coordination of the following environmental monitoring programs at different stages of the project (pre-construction, construction and reservoir filling phase):

  • PM03 - Monitoring Programme of Hydromineral Systems
  • PM05 - Noise Monitoring Programme
  • PM06 - Monitoring Programme Spatial Planning and Land Use
  • PM07 - Monitoring Programme in the framework of the National Programme of Dams with High Hydroelectric Potential (PNBEPH)
  • PM09 - Climate Monitoring Program
  • PM11 - Air Quality Monitoring Programme
  • PM12 - Monitoring Programme of Socio-Economics
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