Hydroelectrical Power Station of Fraga

The exploitation consists of a dam, a hydroelectric power station, a water intake with two spans of 4,50 x 4,65 m2, a fish ladder and a return channel equipped with two floodgates of 4,30 x 3,60 m2.

The volume of the reservoir created by the dam is 650 dam3.

The dam has a frontal Dumper with a development of 45 m and a height of 13 m.

The hydroelectric power plant, designed with a horizontal axis Kaplan type turbine, has a maximum power of 3560 kW, for a maximum of 36 m3/s, and a maximum gross fall of 11.


Preliminary Design Review

Environmental Impact Study Review

Base Design of Hydraulic Structures and Equipments

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Work's Value

3,5 Milhões


2001 - 2002



GRUPO ENERSIS (ex - Hidroeléctrica de Fraga, Lda)


TPF Consultores


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