Fronhas Hydroelectric Development

Fronhas Hydroelectric Development
Fronhas Hydroelectric Development

The development is destined to the production of electrical energy using the Fronhas Dam’s ecological flow.
It is composed by the following main components: intake in the pressure stretch of the Dam’s half-bottom outlet, feed line of the station and the hydroelectric plant.
In the beginning, the intake will have a rectangular section of 2,00 x 0.25 m²and in the end a circular section DN 800 mm.
The hydroelectric plant, designed with a Francis turbine, has a maximum power of 811 kW for a 2 m³/s flow and a maximum net head of 46 m.


Preliminary Design

Detail Design

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2005 - 2009



Hidroeléctrica do Centro, Lda.


TPF Consultores


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