Fargela Dam

Fargela Dam
Fargela Dam

The dam Fargela, located in the riverside with the same name, is a reservoir with a total storage volume of 9.35 hm3 for the irrigation of 763 ha.

Type of dam: zoned embankment with curtain sealing;
Maximum height of dam: 20 m;
Volume of landfill: 200 dam3;
Development and crown width: 256 I 7 m;
Spillway flood: labyrinth spillway with 51 m of useful development, channel refund me bowl with 119.5 energy dissipation USBR type III (Qdim = 127 m3 / s);
Water intake: tower with 20 m tall, 56 m walkway, admission through 3 holes and pipe DN 800 mm;
Accessibility: access path to the crown from EN4;
Bridge over Bayou: 15 m high, 390 m of development and 11.5 m wide, for restoration of EM 372-1


Preliminary Design

Detail Design

Environmental Impact Study

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Work's Value

7 Milhões


2004 - 2006



IDRHA - Instituto de Desenvolvimento Rural e Hidráulica


TPF Consultores


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