Pouca Roupa Dam - Romeiras Property

Pouca Roupa Dam - Romeiras Property
Pouca Roupa Dam - Romeiras Property

The EIS included the characterisation of the reference situation in order to identify and limit sensitive areas from the ecological and archaeological/architectural point of view, which could condition the execution of the various works, access routes, site of the construction site, site of borrow pits, etc.; the identification, prediction and assessment of positive and negative impacts during the construction, operation and maintenance phase of the dam, and after its abandonment and decommissioning; the definition of a set of measures to minimise the negative impacts generated by the construction and operation of the dam; and the description of a monitoring plan for the water resources to be affected.

This dam will reinforce the current availability of water for irrigation in Herdade das Romeiras, allowing, consequently, to extend the existing irrigation to about 210 ha. It will have a crown with 500 m of development and 4 m wide. The total embankment volume will be 122 dam3. The flooded area will be 53 ha, allowing a total storage of 1.9 hm3.


Environmental Impact Study

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2000 - 2001



Sociedade Agrícola do Ameixial, S.A.


TPF Consultores


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