Arrouquelas Dam

Arrouquelas Dam
Arrouquelas Dam
Arrouquelas Dam

The Arrouquelas Dam, located in the stream Amieira has a reservoir with a total storage volume of 2 hm3 for the irrigation of 256 ha.
Type of dam: Earth with zoned profile;
Maximum height of the dam: 16 m;
Volume of landfill: 127 dam3;
Development and crown width: 384 I 6.5 m;
Spillway flood: labyrinth spillway with 36 m of useful development, channel refund with 83 bowl me energy dissipation USBR type III (Qdim = 48.2 m3 / s);
Water intake: Tower with 19.5 m high, 36.9 m walkway, admission through 2 holesand duct DN 1200 mm;
Accessibility: access path to the crown, replacement of secondary roads in the area of the lake and access bottom outlet


Preliminary Design

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2001 - 2008



DRARO - Direcção Regional de Agricultura do Ribatejo e Oeste


TPF Consultores


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