Bozkurt Dam

Bozkurt Dam
Bozkurt Dam
Bozkurt Dam

The Bozkurt dam, located in the province of Sivas, has a reservoir with a storage volume of 24 hm3 and is intended for irrigation.

  • Dam type: Alternative solutions of zoned embankment dam, homogeneous embankment or embankment with concrete wall;
  • Landfill volume: 2,000,000 m3;
  • Maximum dam height: 50 m;
  • Crest length and width: 600 m and 10 m;
  • Flood Spillway: side spillway, 55 m wide threshold, dissipation basin and flow capacity of 620 m3/s, and an alternative solution in a shaft, with hydraulic circuit in tunnel for the same discharge capacity.

The project comprised the hydrological and regularization study, geological, geotechnical and seismicity study, technical-economic study of variant solutions of the dam and hydraulic bodies, in addition to topographical and geological-geotechnical investigation.


Feasibility Study

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2014 - 2016



DSI – General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (19th Regional Directorate – Sivas)


TPF Consultores


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