Chertioua Dam

Chertioua Dam
Chertioua Dam
Chertioua Dam

The studies of the Chertioua Dam (near the city of Bordj Zemmoura, Wilaya de Bordj Bou Arreridj and intended for irrigation) started with the preliminary analysis of the variants, after visiting the site to collect data and evaluate previous studies.

The geological and geotechnical reconnaissance program was developed in the initial phase of the studies, before the start of the geological and geotechnical characterization works of the dam site and of the borrow pits including the quarry.

Before adopting the solution developed at the Detail Design, several variants for the dam and auxiliary structures were studied. In the DD it is presented the dimensioning of the dam and related works.

Hydrological studies and hydraulic sizing of the reservoir (simulation model of the water balance - water requirements) and hydraulic structures (water intake, flood spillway, bottom drainage and temporary diversion) have been developed.

The stability studies of the dam and the structural dimensioning of the additional structures were carried out after the hydraulic calculations.

In addition to the studies referred to, the drawings, measurements, budget and specifications were developed.

The dam's DD was concluded with the environmental impact study, the study of the treatment of the river basin and the study of the risk incurred downstream of the dam.

The creation of a hydraulic scale model of the auxiliary structures, namely the flood spillway and the restitution canal, completed the service with the support of the National Civil Engineering Laboratory of Portugal

Characteristics of the project:
- Type of dam: zoned earth dam with clay core
- Height: 50,5 m;
- Length to the top: 421 m;
- Total volume: : 9,79 hm3
- Useful volume: : 5,6 hm3;
- Settled volume: : 4,6 hm3/year

Works' volume:
Landfill volume: 1 535 000 m3, divided as follows:
- Core : 273 000 m3;
- Filling : 1055 000 m3;
- Filters, drains and transition : 50 000 m3.


Detail Design (Definition of the Variants; Geological and Geotechnical Study; Hydrological Study; Comparative Study of the Variants; Study on a Reduced Hydraulic Model; Study of the Risk incurred downstream in the event of a dam failure; Environmental Impact and Water Quality Study; Profitability Study; River Basin Treatment Study)

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Work's Value

20 Milhões


2009 - 2014



Ministério dos Recursos Hídricos - Argélia


TPF Consultores


Project Owner

ANBT - Agence Nationale des Barrages et Transferts


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