Coutada/Tamujais Dam

Coutada/Tamujais Dam
Coutada/Tamujais Dam

The Coutada Dam, at Prior River, has a reservoir with a capacity of 3,8 hm3 and is integrated in the Coutada/Tamujais Hydroagricultural Development.

Type of Dam: Zoned landfill;
Landfill Volume: 311 dam3;
Dam’s maximum height: 24 m;
Development and width of the crest of dam: 410 m and 8 m;
Spillway: labyrinth weir with 36,4 m of useful development, outlet channel with175 m and type III USBR stilling pool (Qdim = 46,5 m3/s);
Intake: tower with 26,5 m height, a 52 m bridge, admission through tree holesand a DN 1200 mm pipeline;
Accessibilities: secondary and access roads to the crest of dam with 4 km.


Detail Design

Environmental Impact Study

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1999 - 2007



DRABI - Direcção Regional de Agricultura da Beira Interior


TPF Consultores


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