Pinhão Dam

Pinhão Dam
Pinhão Dam

Pinhão dam, located in Vila Real municipality, is integrated in Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro Multimunicipal System for Water Supply and Sanitation.

Main features:

  • Type of dam: zoned embankment with waterproofing curtain in reinforced concrete on the surface of the upstream facade;
  • Volume of landfill: 116 dam3;
  • Maximum dam height: 22 m;
  • Crest development and width: 280 m and 7 m;
  • Spillway: double labyrinth spillway, with 54 m, restituition channel of 107.5 m and energy dissipation through ski jump (Qdim = 142.5 m3/s);
  • Water Intake: Tower with 20.7 m, Walkway with 32 m, intake through 2 holes and pipeline DN 1 200 mm;
  • Accessibility: 2,8 Km of secondary roads and accesses to the crest, with bituminous road surfacing.


Preliminary Design (including analysis of implementation alternatives)

Base Design

Detail Design

Technical Assistance to Construction Works

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Work's Value

5,5 Milhões


2002 - 2007





TPF Consultores


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