São Pedro Dam

São Pedro Dam
São Pedro Dam
São Pedro Dam

The São Pedro dam, located on the riverside of São Pedro, has a reservoir with a storage volume of 10.8 hm3 and is integrated with GlobalSystem for Irrigation Alqueva.

Type of dam: zoned embankment with curtain sealing;
Landfill Volume: 400 dam3;
Maximum height of the dam: 24.1 m;
Development and crown width: 733 I 7 m;
Spillway flood: duckbill spillway with 30 m of useful development, with 140 channel refund me dissipation basin USBR type III (Qdim = 55 m3 / s);
Water intake: tower height of 22 m, 50 m walkway; for feeding circuit and the reservoir were installed two irrigation conduits and 2500 mm for the one bottom outlet conduit 1200 mm, being installed in three parallel involved in aconcrete foundation of the dam body;
Accessibility: access path to the crown, with bituminous coating


Preliminary Design

Detail Design

Technical Assistance to Construction Works

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2005 - 2008



EDIA - Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas do Alqueva


TPF Consultores


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