Ribeiro Grande e Arco Dam

Ribeiro Grande e Arco Dam
Ribeiro Grande e Arco Dam
Ribeiro Grande e Arco Dam

The Ribeiro Grande e Arco Dam, upstream the junction Arco River with Ribeiro Grande River, has a reservoir with a capacity of 5,4 hm3 to irrigate 880 ha from the South Bloc of the Vilariça Valley.

Type of Dam: two zoned landfills and one other with reduced volume closing an opening in the watershed, with grout curtain;
Landfill Volume: 565 dam3;
Dam’s maximum height: 36,9 m;
Development and width of the crest of dam: 614 m and 9 m;
Spillway: double sided channel spillway with 62 m of useful development, outlet channel with 138 m and a ski jump (Qdim = 320 m3/s);
Intake: tower with 35,3 m height, a 109 bridge, admission through tree holesand a DN 1000 mm pipeline;
Accessibilities: secondary and access roads to the crest of dam.


Preliminary Design

Detail Design

Technical Assistance

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Work's Value

0,8 Milhões


1998 - 2006



DRATM - Direcção Regional de Agricultura de Trás-os-Montes


TPF Consultores


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