Hydropower Mapping in Lao PDR

Hydropower Mapping in Lao PDR
Hydropower Mapping in Lao PDR
Hydropower Mapping in Lao PDR

Part of the technical assistance implemented in the East Asia and Pacific region, by the World Bank, which aimed to support resource mapping and geospatial planning of hydroelectric schemes.

The Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) funded this project. ESMAP is a global knowledge and technical assistance program administered by the World Bank and supported by 11 bilateral donors, being part of a global initiative to support renewable energy mapping.

This project aimed to provide the government of Lao, and other key stakeholders, with an assessment of small and medium-sized hydroelectric potential, in the context of hydroelectric resources, to support the identification of potentially viable sites and to provide the necessary data and knowledge to assess whether if more work would be necessary and, if any, what it may involve.


  • Development of a comprehensive hydropower assessment exercise using the country and Earth observation datasets, including the first map of Lao’ hydroelectric potential;
  • Site prioritization analysis to classify identified small and medium hydroelectric, in terms of technical and economic potential;
  • Field visits to validate high priority locations and gain on-site knowledge;
  • Communicate results to support additional government use and analysis, including preliminary design and budgeting of top ranked sites;
  • Training and capacity building of local teams, with technicians of various specialties.
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Work's Value

158.2 Milhões


2017 - 2018





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