Reinforcement of the Water Supply System of Bragança Municipality and Adjacent Areas

The purpose of this study was to identify a source of water to reinforce the water resources stored in Serra Serrada Dam reservoir, the main basis of urban supply for the region.

The Preliminary Study included the analysis of 4 alternative solutions, technically feasible, considering the technical, economic and environmental components:

  • Veiguinhas Dam;
  • Parâmio Dam;
  • Castrelos Dam and
  • Catchment at Azibo Dam reservoir.

This study was further completed with:

  • the definition of measures to minimize impacts;
  • a monitoring plan for the works and
  • the environmental monitoring plans to be implemented.

The Environmental Impact Study of Veiguinhas Dam was also carried out, after being considered the best solution presented.


Preliminary Design (solutions for water source)

Environmental Impact Study (Veiguinhas Dam)

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2002 - 2004





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