Cacuaco’s Centrality

Cacuaco’s Centrality
Cacuaco’s Centrality
Cacuaco’s Centrality

Cacuaco’s Centrality occupies an area of 200 ha, with an estimated occupation of 60,000 inhabitants (Phase 1).

From an urban point of view, the city develops in a reticulated mesh that defines blocks. Also noteworthy is the existence of a river that crosses the entire city in the southeast/northwest direction and a green axis in the northeast/southwest direction. The central area is essentially occupied by areas of commerce and services, public gardens and the hospital.

The project also includes the construction of kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, support and incentive centers for children, hospital, market, hypermarket, public transport terminal, commercial, service and leisure areas, as well as all urban infrastructures (road network, water supply, sewage and rainwater drainage network, electricity and telecommunications networks).

Regarding the residential area, 10 002 dwellings are foreseen distributed in high, medium and low density buildings, with 5, 9 and 11 floors.


Construction Works Supervision

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2008 - 2012



GRN - Gabinete de Reconstrução Nacional


TPF Consultores, TPF Angola


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