North Railway Line - Sub-Section Quintans/Ovar

The works, integrated in the overall renewal of the North Railway Line (Lisbon - Porto Line), are related to a stretch 35 km long and included :

  • Total remplacement of tracks and switches;
  • Correction of the bends' outline;
  • Construction of the under ground and above ground crossings in order to eliminate level crossings;
  • Enlargement of the tracks platform and construction of new supporting walls and viaducts;
  • Railway stations were renewed, in particular the Aveiro Station, where new buildings for passengers have been built together with technical services installations, covered platforms and access galleries;
  • Replacement of all the catenaries and telecommunication and signalization systems completed the works in Aveiro Railway Station.

Upon completion, the project executed without disturbance of the railway traffic allows for speeds up to 220 km/h.


Construction Works Supervision

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Work's Value

113 Milhões


2002 - 2005



REFER - Rede Ferroviária Nacional, E.P.


TPF Consultores

COTEFIS, ENGECONSULT, ECG-Engenharia, Coordenação e Gestão de Empreendimentos, Lda


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