Centrality of Búcula, Bengo

Centrality of Búcula, Bengo
Centrality of Búcula, Bengo
Centrality of Búcula, Bengo

Under the scope of the Residential Project for the new Centrality of Búcula (Bengo Province), the provision of services was part of the construction contracts for the Centrality’s social equipment and for all urban and external infrastructures necessary to its operation. 

In terms of infrastructures, the following works are included: 

External infrastructures

 - Road access; Linking avenue; roundabout and intersection with national road; earthworks, drainage, paving and signalling; drinking water supply system; System composed of a New pumping station at Semindele Reservoir; Water intake and water conveyance (improvements to the existing system); Water Treatment Plant; treated water conveyance; electrical installations and automation; Wastewater treatment system: System composed of an Interceptor sewer (Centrality– WWTP); WWTP (macrophyte beds); electrical installations and automation; power supply system: System composed of a 30 kV overhead line; 30 kV switching substation and a diversion from the existing line. 

Internal/urban infrastructures

- road network and car parks;

- water supply network, sanitation network and stormwater network; 

- Low and Medium voltage network; public lighting; 

- Landscaping and playing fields. 


Supervision, Coordination and Management of the Construction Contracts, including technical analysis of Projects, External Infrastructures, Internal/Urban Infrastructures and Social Equipment and Health and Safety Coordination.

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Work's Value

710.733 Milhões


2022 - ONGOING



KORA International Swiss AG


TPF Consultores

TPF Angola


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