Ribeira dos Socorridos – Multipurpose Undertaking

This exploitation involved the construction of the following facilities:

  • Gallery of Accumulation of Socorridos

Excavation and demotion of a Llift Station; Excavation of the Tunnel Reservoir; Implementation of Reinforced Concrete Slabs and Walls.

  • Tunnels of the Encumeada and North Channel

Construction Reinforcement of tunnel lining with hydroelectric purposes (pre-existing); Construction of reinforced concrete structures for hydraulic purposes.

  • Construction of Tunnel Covão

Tunnel excavation with hydroelectric purposes, with about 5.2 km long, using TBM ("Tunnel Boring Machine"); Excavation of two windows, using mechanical means and fire dismantles.


Health and Safety Coordination

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Work's Value

24 Milhões


2004 - 2006



EEM - Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira, S.A.


TPF Consultores


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