Grinding Unit at Setúbal

Grinding Unit at Setúbal

Cement Grinding unit for:

  • Production of 1,500,000 t / year;
  • Reception of clinker by sea and transport through 530 meters at a rate of 800 t/h;
  • Ensilage of 90.000 t of clinker with automatic extraction;
  • Reception of additives by road, with storage for 10.000 t and with semi-automatic extraction;
  • Grinding rate of 2x100 t/h;
  • Ensilage of up to three types of cement in 3 silos with a capacity of 15.000 t each, with automatic extraction;
  • Road and Rail Bulk expedition;
  • Bagging, palletizing and expedition of 3200 (50 k) bags/h;

The unit occupies 30 of the 38 acres lot were it is implanted and comprises 8320 sqm of construction, 8000 sqm of asphalted areas and 16,600 sqm of green areas.The main constructions are: Towers and overhead passages for clinker between the sea port and the silo; Clinker silo in pre stressed concrete; Additives storage; Two grinding units (with option for a third o­ne); Three cement silos (option for a fourth) and bulk expedition by road; Towers and railway platform for bulk expedition in wagons; Bagging, palletizing and bags road expedition building; Administrative, technical, maintenance, reception/expedition and electrical substation building.


Technical and Economic Study, involving:

  • Preliminary Design;
  • Procurement;
  • Technical and Economic Comparative Analysis of Suppliers Options;
  • Analysis of Reception /Expedition Binomial;
  • Global Investment Estimation.
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Work's Value

35 Milhões


2002 - 2003



CNE - Cimentos Nacionais e Estrangeiros, S.A.


TPF Consultores


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