Vascoveiro Reservoir

Vascoveiro Reservoir
Vascoveiro Reservoir

The study was aimed at the protection of the primary uses and resources and natural values (water, flora, fauna, soil, landscape), setting the uses and management system compatible with sustainable use of the territory, providing the conditions essentials for the use of water resources for the public supply.

The reservoir of Vascoveiro dam has a stores a useful volume of 2,4 hm3, for a total storage capacity of 3.0 hm3. At full storage, the flooded area is 57 ha.

This reservoir is the source of a water system that will serve 6500 in habitants.


Base Design for the characterization of the zone

Reference Situation Analysis and Diagnosis: evaluation questions and potentials

Definition of Objectives

Strategies, Measures and Actions

Programming the implementation of a development plan and complementary actions

Investment Estimation

Preparation of Regulations

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2001 - 2003



Águas do Zêzere e Côa, S.A.


TPF Consultores



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