Saquinho Hydro-agricultural Scheme

Saquinho Hydro-agricultural Scheme
Saquinho Hydro-agricultural Scheme
Saquinho Hydro-agricultural Scheme

The Saquinho Hydro-Agricultural Scheme is located on the island of Santiago, in the municipality of Santa Catarina.

This development has an equipped area of 66 hectares and will benefit from an irrigation network, designed by TPF Consultores, originating from the Saquinho dam, built on the Saquinho/Tabugal stream, about 2 km downstream from the town of Chã de Monte.

In the area of influence of the Saquinho dam, 113 buildings are identified, totalling 66 hectares:

  • The majority of the buildings (83 %) have an area of less than 1.0 ha, representing 57 % of the total area of influence;
  • 15 % of the buildings have an area between 1.0 ha and 2.0 ha, occupying 35 % of the catchment area;
  • The remaining buildings have areas between 2.0 ha and 4.0 ha, representing 8 % of the catchment area.

The water stored in the reservoir will be pumped to a reservoir built in Ribeirão de Areia, whose capacity is 500 m3. From this site, a connection will be made to another reservoir, with 250 m3 of storage, already built in Chão do Monte.

From the Chão do Monte reservoir, a DN 225 HDPE pipeline was developed, in which three derivations will be executed for the secondary irrigation networks that will benefit 29 hectares, which were divided into three sectors (A, B and C).

Originating from the Ribeirão de Areia reservoir, a DN225 HDPE pipeline was developed, in which four derivations will be implemented for the secondary irrigation networks, associated with sectors D, E, F and G, which will serve 37 hectares.

The contracting of the secondary irrigation networks will begin in these derivations, also integrated in the works of the secondary networks.

The farm will be served by a collective network of 7 073 metres of HDPE pipes with variable diameters, between DN 75 mm and DN 225 mm.

The water will be supplied to farmers under pressure and previously filtered through sand filters, which will guarantee a degree of cleanliness suitable for localised irrigation.


Detailed Design

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2013 - 2014



MDR - Ministério do Desenvolvimento Rural


TPF Consultores



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