Canal Bridge of Terça

Canal Bridge of Terça
Canal Bridge of Terça

The Canal Bridge of Terça is a part of the Hydro-agricultural Improvement of Sado Valley, transporting the water of Pego do Altar dam for irrigation of about 1700 ha of rice.

Main Characteristics:

  • Total development: 420.00 m
  • Superstructure: prefabricated beams of U section in reinforced and pre-stressed concrete with a maximum width equal to 3.50 m, minimum to 2.20 m and height equal to 1.80 m.
  • Spans: 16 x 25.00 m + 20.00 m
  • Piles : piles with a diameter of 1.00 m and a variable length between 18.0 m on the west side up to about 40.0 near the river, are headed by a chapiter of variable height having its maximum in the connection to the pile of 1.00 m and width equal to 1.20 m, to allow the support of two beams.


Detail Design

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Work's Value

1,1 Milhões


2000 - 2001





TPF Consultores


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