A22 Motorway

A22 Motorway

This 4 lane stretch (with 3,75m width each) of the Motorway is 38 Km long. The development of the lay-out includes 12 bridges over the Rivulets of Machada (320 m), Bensafrim ( 320 m), Odiáxere (430 m), Arão (340 m), Farelo (380 m), Torre (290 m) Vale de Lama (430 m) Arade River (550 m), the viaducts of Urzais (1190 m), Sobral (60 m) and Vale das Fontes (220 m) as well as 25 reestablishments (9 overpasses, of which one under the railway line, 10 over passages and 16 cattle creep). The three false tunnels have been built using three different construction methods. The first one is a portico structure with circa 80 m, comprising with two lanes. The second one, with 40m, is constructed in pre-constructed and independent vaults for each lane whilst the third one, with 130m, has a single vault for the two lanes.


Construction Works Supervision

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Work's Value

204 Milhões


2001 - 2003





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