East/West Motorway. West Lot

East/West Motorway. West Lot
East/West Motorway. West Lot
East/West Motorway. West Lot

Facilities and Exploration Equipment in the West Lot, 329 km long, of the East/West Motorway in Northern Algeria, which crosses the provinces of Relizane, Mascara, Sidi Bel Abbes and Tlemcen, divided as follows:

  • 02 Toll Collection Points (on motorway);
  • 13 Toll Collection Points (on interchanges), from which 7 include a maintenance centre and 1 includes an operation centre;
  • 22 Rest Areas;
  • Civil works of the SOS Posts (SOS Call Boxes) and Platforms for Equipment along the motorway.

The 15 Tolls include earthworks and other road specialties necessary for the definition of platforms, general infrastructure and external networks, buildings, equipment, civil works for toll plazas and their roofing.

The 22 Rest Areas include the work of Public Lighting, Road Marks and Traffic Signs and the construction of various types of Buildings (Places for Prayer, Police, Civil Protection, Surveillance, Sanitary, Water Reservoirs).


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Technical Assistance to Construction Works

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2015 - ONGOING



TEIXEIRA DUARTE, Engenharia e Construções, SA


TPF Consultores


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