E.R.101 Calheta Prazeres

The stretch Calheta - Prazeres of the Regional Road ER 101, was implemented in three phases:

1st Phase - Construction of the road between the Calheta Village and the Parrish of Estreito da Calheta with an extension of 2046 m comprising two tunnels with extensions of 800 m and 480 m respectively (both with emergency galleries); two pontoons, and a bridge with a 50 m span.

2nd Phase - Comprises the construction of two tunnels (2 way and 9 m width). The Tunnel of Moínhos with 275 m and the Tunnel of JardimPelado with 1020 m.

3rd Phase - Construction of 2 bridges, 5 overhead passages and connecting knots:

  • Bridge of Ribeira Funda - length of 280 m, 14 m width, central span with 135 m and pillars 110 m high.
  • Bridge of Igreja - length of 90 m, 11.5 m width and 25 m pillars.

Landscaping, tunnels lighting and safety equipment completed the scope of the works.


Construction Works Supervision

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Work's Value

71,6 Milhões


1997 - 2005



SREST (Secretaria Regional do Equipamento Social e Transportes)


TPF Consultores


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