Baralt Tunnel

Baralt Tunnel
Baralt Tunnel
Baralt Tunnel

Baralt Tunnel will link the Boyacá Avenue and the Caracas - La Guaira highway in Venezuela. 

The tunnel consist of two galleries, each with 2 lanes. lts extension
is approximately of 2870 m, of which about 100m shall be open excavation . The internal
width and height are of 12,5 m and 7,70 m, respectively ,which corresponds to an maximum excavation area of 132m2
The ground cover varies between 20m and 350m.

The rock mass where the tunnel is built consists of alternating units of schist and gneisses
(Ávila formation) and of schist (Caracas formation). The main tunnel constraint is the
intersection of large tectonic events present in the rock mass, such as the Tacagua - EI Ávila fault, seismically active, which originates earthquakes with magnitudes higher than 6,5.

The open excavation part of the tunnel, on the East side is built in a landslide-prone area
and, therefore, a temporary support has been proposed. lt consists of a sprayed concrete
cover, with a maximum height of 37 m, and 250m of ground anchors. The other portal was designed as a permanent anchored shotcrete wall.


Preliminary Study for Tender

Detail Design

Special Technical Assistance

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Work's Value

500 Milhões


2011 - 2016



EPOS - Empresa Portuguesa de Obras Subterrâneas, S.A.


TPF Consultores


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