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Lever-Seixo Alvo WTP Supply System

Lever-Seixo Alvo WTP Supply System
Lever-Seixo Alvo WTP Supply System

Several works concerning supply, pumping and storage, located downstream of Lever WTP, necessary to ensure the treated water transport to the Main Supply Systems, at north and south of Douro river.

The works main characteristics are as follows:

  • Lever-Lagoa WTP Water Main - DN 1 800 mm, with 3.5 km;
  • Reservoir with 35 000 m3 and Lagoa Pumping Station;
  • Interconnection between Lever WTP and the Supply Systems;
  • Three water ducts between Lagoa and the Main Supply System - DN 1 200 mm to DN 700 mm;
  • Main Duct on the south of Douro river  - 3,4 km of total length;
  • Seixo Alvo II Reservoir - 12 000 m3;
  • Seixo Alvo I Reservoir and Chlorination Station Adjustment;
  • Modification of the Central-South Subsystem, comprising a Pumping Station and 2 pipeline stretches, DN 600 mm to DN 400 mm, with 1.2 km of total length.


Preliminary Design

Detail Design

Technical Assistance to Construction Works

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Work's Value

10 Milhões


1998 - 2000





TPF Consultores



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