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Sines Library and Art Centre

Sines Library and Art Centre
Sines Library and Art Centre
Sines Library and Art Centre

Thebuilding entirely covered by masonry has a massive look but, is completelytransparent to pedestrians, thus allowing the interactivity between thecultural events and daily life in town. With a spatially complex construction,it shows the ambition of its socio-cultural function and reveals itselfprogressively, sometimes in an astonishing way, to those who visit it.

Thebuilding is organized taking advantage of the possible liaisons between thedifferent cultural and artistic events taking place.

Alarge Foyer, acting as an entrance to all events, ensures the liaisons, in alevel above ground, between all the activities; by using it, we have access tothe 4 modules that compose the ensemble. These modules, oriented from East tothe West, and creating spaces between them include:

  • Organizedin 4 superposed levels, the meeting room and the school of arts;
  • Apolyvalent room, equipped for cinema, music, theatre and congress, above whichan experimental room can be found;
  • Inthe library, with installations for adults, children and young, we can find abar where we can read and look at the sea over the roofing of the historiccentre;
  • Theexhibition nucleus, with areas for small exhibitions and with a large room.


Construction Works Supervision

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Work's Value

4,7 Milhões


2004 - 2006



Câmara Municipal de Sines


TPF Consultores


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