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Centrality of Zango I

Centrality of Zango I
Centrality of Zango I
Centrality of Zango I

The Centrality of Zango I, located on Luanda' southeast, comprises the construction of 2,464 apartments, of T3 and T4 type, spread over 22 buildings with 15 floors, with a total construction area of 390 450 m2.

The project also includes the construction of the urbanization infrastructure: road network (7.3 km) including sidewalks and signalling, water supply networks (about 6 km of pipes, excluding the internal networks of buildings), drainage network of wastewater and rainwater (13.3 km of pipes), fire-fighting network, electricity distribution network, telecommunications, public lighting and landscaping (9.2 ha).

These networks also include the construction of three technical buildings that are intended to house all the equipment for the technical installations of electrical power, telecommunications, fire fighting, as well as emergency generators.


Construction Works Supervision

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2008 - 2013





TPF Consultores, TPF Angola


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