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Madalena do Mar By-pass

Madalena do Mar By-pass

By-pass to Madalena do Mar village, which starts at Roundabout 1, from where Tunnel 1 begins, with an extension of 1910 meters, crossing Madalena stream, with a 56-meter long bridge, from where Tunnel 2 begins, with a total extension of 1535 meters, ending at Roundabout 2.

These tunnels have five emergency galleries ranging from 200 to 490 meters.

This phase included the excavation, temporary and definitive lining of the tunnels and emergency galleries as well as their longitudinal drainage. The road alignment has a cross-section with two circulation lanes with a total width of 7 meters.


Construction Works Supervision

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Work's Value

54 Milhões


2010 - 2019



RAMEDM - Estradas da Madeira, SA


TPF Consultores


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