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Ring at Level 200 (I)

This road axis, with an extension of 2460 m allowing the deviation of the "passing through" traffic from the centre of Funchal, includes the following special art works:Tunnel João Gomes - Excavated in solid basalt, with a 143 m length, is constituted by two 9 m wide parallel tunnels covered with concrete.João Gomes Bridge - With 275 m extension, a 3 span portico built in pre-stressed concrete with a 19 m unicellular coffin platform and four o­ne-way traffic lanes.Tunnel of Jardim Botânico - 220 m length built at "open sky", total width of 18.5 m with two traffic lanes in both senses, separated by a vertical septum.Bridge of Boa Nova - Similar to the bridge above but with a length of160 m. The bridge shown above, the João Gomes Bridge , won a special engineering prize, the "SECIL Civil Engineering Award".


Construction Works Supervision

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1991 - 1996



SREST (Secretaria Regional do Equipamento Social e Transportes)


TPF Consultores

ECG - Engenharia, Coordenação e Gestão de Empreendimentos, Lda


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