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Macao Airport

For this project implementation it was necessary to gain additional ground in the Pearl River delta, through the construction of embankments and structures supported by piles.

The artificial island with 1.2 km2 received the taxiways and the main runway, of about 3.5 km long, suitable for large airplanes.

The main works included were:

  • Alluviums dredging: 20 million m3;
  • Underwater fillings with sand: 34 million m3;
  • Foundation blocks: 3 million m3;
  • Protection ramp in accropodes: 250 000 m3 of concrete;
  • Sea wall with pre-cast blocks: 80 000 m3;
  • Vertical drainage: 8 700 km;
  • Vibroflotation: 400 000 m2;
  • Construction of two connecting bridges with trays 44 m wide and 3 000 m long, based on 2 440 pre-cast piles with Ø 0,80 m (PHC) and 387 piles with Ø 1 m cast-in-situ;
  • Construction of a concrete runway with 3 360 m by 60 m, with a granular base of 0.70 m and a concrete pavement with 0.90 m;
  • Construction of concrete taxiways 44 m wide and 1 500 m long.


Construction Works Supervision

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Work's Value

800 Milhões


1992 - 1995



CAM - Companhia do Aeroporto de Macau


TPF Consultores

Scott Wilson & Kirkpatrick, Pengest Internacional


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