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Canto Cagarra Hydro-Agricultural Scheme

Canto Cagarra Hydro-Agricultural Scheme
Canto Cagarra Hydro-Agricultural Scheme
Canto Cagarra Hydro-Agricultural Scheme

The Canto Cagarra Hydro-agricultural Scheme is located north of the island of Santo Antão, in the municipality of Ribeira-Grande, Cape Verde.

The scheme has an equipped area of around 65 hectares and benefits from an irrigation network, designed by TPF Consultores, originating from the Canto Cagarra dam on the Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão river.

In the area of influence of the Canto Cagarra dam, 97 buildings are identified, totalling approximately 65 hectares, with the following breakdown:

The majority of the buildings (81%) have an area of less than 1.0 ha, representing 64% of the total area;
The remaining buildings have areas between 1.0 ha and 2.0 ha.

The water supply is carried out by pumping, from a catchment tower located in the reservoir, to the Chã de Igreja de Cima (No. 1) and Fajã Grande (No. 3) reservoirs, through DN 110 mm pipelines. In turn, on the left bank of the Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão, the Chã de Igreja de Cima reservoir (No. 1) feeds, by gravity, the Chã de Igreja reservoir (No. 2) and, on the right bank of the river, the Fajã Grande reservoir (No. 3) feeds, also by gravity, the Fajãzinha reservoir (No. 4).

Directly from the dam there is a distribution pipeline, HDPE DN 225 mm, whose purpose is to gravity feed water to the Cruzinha reservoir (No. 5).

The secondary irrigation networks start with 26 DN 50 mm bypasses and the collective network has a development of 4 452 metres of HDPE pipes.

The water is supplied to farmers under pressure and previously filtered through ring filters.


Irrigation Network Detailed Design.

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2013 - 2014



MDR - Ministério do Desenvolvimento Rural


TPF Consultores



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