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Salineiro Hydro-agricultural Scheme

Salineiro Hydro-agricultural Scheme
Salineiro Hydro-agricultural Scheme
Salineiro Hydro-agricultural Scheme

The Salineiro Hydro-agricultural Scheme is located on the island of Santiago, in the municipality of Ribeira Grande and parish of Santíssimo Nome de Jesus.

This scheme has an equipped area of 43 hectares and will benefit from an irrigation network, originating from the Salineiro dam, built on the Ribeira Grande de Santiago stream, about 2 km upstream from the village of Salineiro.

In the area where the exploitation is implemented, pastoralism is practiced in a free regime and there is no division into plots or rural properties. The development area was divided into 40 irrigation units.

The water stored in the reservoir will be supplied through a pipeline in FFd DN 400 mm, which forks in two branches: one, of HDPE DN 225 mm (right margin) and another, of HDPE DN 315 mm (left margin), which will serve, respectively, the units of Achadas de Salineiro and Calabaceira.

The secondary irrigation network has 5,798 meters of HDPE pipes with variable diameters, between DN 75 mm and DN 400 mm.

The water will be supplied under pressure to farmers and will be previously filtered through sand filters, which will guarantee an adequate degree of cleanliness for localized irrigation.


Detailed Design

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2013 - 2014



MDR - Ministério do Desenvolvimento Rural


TPF Consultores



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