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Baixo Mondego Hydraulic System

The work was done in two phases:In the first phase (1999-2001) the civil engineering works, a distance of 7 km for the regularization of the Arunca river andin the second phase (2001-2004), the repair and reconstruction of infrastructure of water development of the Baixo Mondego, a distance of 25 km, highlighting the following interventions:

  • Repair of the South Ditch and Dike Reconstruction Formoselha
  • Repair Slope Platform Exterior Driver General Channel
  • Reconstruction of Dam Downstream to the Foja EE
  • Reconstruction of the dikes of the Left Bank - Pereira Formoselha
  • Reconstruction of dykes and embankments in Casais and Santo Varão, reconstruction dykes, embankments and dredging in Lares and Montemor-o-Velho


Construction Works Supervision

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Work's Value

16,2 Milhões


1999 - 2004



INAG - Instituto da Água


TPF Consultores


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Share this Project