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Alvorninha Dam

Alvorninha Dam
Alvorninha Dam

TheEIS included the characterization of the reference situation in order toidentify and limit sensitive areas of ecological and archaeological point ofview/architectural, that could condition the execution of various works, accesspaths, location of the shipyard, stains, etc.; the identification, predictionand evaluation of positive and negative impacts during the construction,operation and maintenance of the recovery phases, and after its abandonment anddecommissioning; and the definition of a set of measures to minimize thenegative impacts generated by the construction and operation of theexploitation. 

 This dam, whose reservoir primaryuse will be to watering, has a crowning with 181 m and 9 m wide development, toa height of 21 m above the natural terrain. The volume of landfill is 135 dam3,the flooded area is 12 ha, allowing a total storage of 0.7 hm3.


Environmental Impact Study

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1992 - 1995



DRARO - Direcção Regional de Agricultura do Ribatejo e Oeste


TPF Consultores


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