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Zambezi Valley Special Spatial Planning

Zambezi Valley Special Spatial Planning
Zambezi Valley Special Spatial Planning
Zambezi Valley Special Spatial Planning

The intervention area of 147 900 km2, covers the terminal part of the Zambezi river basin, extending the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe to its mouth, along about 900 km. Administratively, the region includes the entire province of Tete and the bordering districts of Manica, Sofala and Zambezia.

This contract, which also includes the study of Strategic Environmental Assessment, Multi-Sectorial Plan, and the Digital Model Decision Support in this vast region of 15 million hectares, will contribute to its sustainable development, with the contributions of all agents involved in Mining, Agricultural and Forestry, Transport and Roads, Environment, Tourism, Energy, Water, Fisheries, Health, Education, and Education sectors, among others.

The Consortium TPF also includes the collaboration of the Institute for Environmental Studies of the Free University Amsterdam and the Higher Institute of Statistics and Information Management from UNL (Lisbon's Univerity).


Strategic Environmental Assessment
Spatial Planning
Multi-Sectorial Plan
Digital Model Decision Support

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2013 - 2015



ADVZ - Agência de Desenvolvimento do Vale do Zambeze


TPF Consultores, TPF Moçambique

Synergia, Projetec, Biodesign


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