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Mendoiro-Bustavade Wind Farm

Mendoiro-Bustavade Wind Farm
Mendoiro-Bustavade Wind Farm
Mendoiro-Bustavade Wind Farm

Mendoiro-Bustavade Wind Farm, located in Alto Minho consists of 26 wind turbines with 2 MW of unit power and a total installed power of 52 MW and the construction of a substation and control building.

The connection of the park to the power grid is made through a 150 kV power line with a length of 52 km that connects Mendoiro-Bustavade Substation to Pedralva Substation.

The environmental studies included:

  • Characterization of the reference situation in order to identify and limit archaeological and ecological sensitive areas, which could condition the establishment of the wind farm;
  • Identification, forecast and assessment of potential impacts, positive or negative, arising from the implementation of the wind farm, immediate or long term, during the construction, exploration and decommissioning phases;
  • Definition of a set of measures capable of minimizing the identified potential negative impacts.

Environmental Monitoring was carried out during the construction phase and during the initial exploration phase.


Environmental Impact Study

Detail Design Environmental Conformity Report (RECAPE)

Environmental Monitoring of Avifauna during the Initial Phase of Exploitation.

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2002 - 2011



Empreendimentos Eólicos do Vale do Minho / Vento Minho, Energias Renováveis


TPF Consultores


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