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Hydroelectrical Central and Pumping Station of Calheta

Hydroelectrical Central and Pumping Station of Calheta
Hydroelectrical Central and Pumping Station of Calheta

This unit,designed for the company Electricidade da Madeira, has a generation capacity of30 MWe.

The projectenvisages the optimization of the operation of the electrical network of theisland, combining the wind electrical generation with the hydroelectricalgeneration.

  • In hours of low energy demand the wind turbines supply energy to the pumping station.
  • In hours of huge demand the hydroelectrical station supplies energy to the network.

The systemis formed by the following infrastructures:

  • Upper Reservoir (Dam of Pico da Urze) with a volume of the basin of 1.000.000 m3;
    DIN 1500 conduct, with 3342 m of length and 700m of fall height;
  • Hydroelectrical central and Pumping Station with two Pelton turbines, of 15 MW each, and three main pumps with electrical motors of 5 MW, 6 kV and frequency variator. The primary pumps are of 1 MW.
    • Primary Station, in the body of the Lower Dam;
    • Main Station, in the same building as the hydroelectrical .
  • Internal Reservoir (Calheta dam) with a volume of 67 000 m3.


Hydroelectrical Central and Pumping Station:
Design of Architecture, Specialties and Electromechanical Installations.

Dam of Pico da Urze:
Structures, Electrical Installations and Instrumentation Design

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Work's Value

50 Milhões


2010 - 2010



EEM - Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira, S.A.


TPF Consultores

Nueva Econoler Spain


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