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Béja Dam

Béja Dam
Béja Dam
Béja Dam

Béja Dam design studies, with a reservoir with a storage volume of 33.3 hm3, intended for urban supply and irrigation of an agricultural area.

The studies included the following elements:

  • Dam: of rockfill, with a concrete curtain in upstream facade, volume of embankment: 0,44 hm3, maximum height of the dam: 47 m, development and width of the crest: 224 m and 10 m;
  • Flood Spillway: labyrinth type, deployed in the left bank, with 25 m of development, restitution channel with 176 m and energy dissipation in ski jump (Qdim = 181.5 m3/s).


Preliminary Study Review

Base Design

Detail Design

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Work's Value

15 Milhões


2009 - 2014





TPF Consultores

LCW, Uniconseils


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