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Hydroelectrical Power Station of Janeiro de Cima

Hydroelectrical Power Station of Janeiro de Cima

TheHydroelectric Exploitation consists of: a dam, a water outlet,a gallery, a hydroelectric power station and a return channel.

The water intakeis made up of a test of 30 m, which follows a convergent channel to transitionwell to the gallery.

The Gallery of deriving concrete lined, has a diameter of4 m and a length of 400 m. The refund of rectangular cross-section channel with12 m wide has a length of 150 m.

The hydroelectric power station equipped withtwo turbines Kaplan type has a maximum power of 2820 kW, for a 39 unit flowm3/s and a maximum gross fall of 9 m.


Preliminary Design

Detail Design

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1991 - 1992



Hidroeléctrica do Casal, Lda


TPF Consultores


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