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Fraga Hydroelectric Development

Fraga Hydroelectric Development
Fraga Hydroelectric Development

The studies carried out to demonstrate that the project complied with the requirements stated in the Environmental Impact Statement, and also included:

- A Landscape Recovery and Integration Plan for areas to be intervened, and

- A monitoring program for aquatic and riparian ecosystems, including water quality, riparian vegetation, the benthic macro invertebrates, fish species and the mole waterline.

This hydroelectric development consists of a dam, a water intake, a central, a return channel and a fish ladder.

The volume of the resevoir created by the dam is 650 dam3. The hydroelectric plant has a maximum power of 3 560 kW, for a mximum flow of 36 m3/s.


Complementary Technical Notes to the Environmental Impact Study

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Work's Value

3,5 Milhões


2001 - 2002



GRUPO ENERSIS (ex - Hidroeléctrica de Fraga, Lda)


TPF Consultores


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