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Vale Madeiro Dam

Vale Madeiro Dam
Vale Madeiro Dam

TheEnvironmental impact study included: 1)-the characterization of the currentstate of the environment in order to identify and limit sensitive areas, whichcould make the execution of various works; 2)-identification, prediction andassessment of impacts on the environment, caused, directly or indirectly, forthe construction and operation of the leveraging; 3)-the definition ofmitigating measures of negative impacts generated by construction and operation of the exploitation.

The Vale Madeiro Dam, built in a section of the reservoir of Agricha, itis the main infrastructure of Hydroagricultural of Vilar de Ledra.

The dam, ofearth, has a crown with 186 m of development and 7 m wide; its maximum heightabove natural ground is 30 m. The total volume is 202 dam3 landfill. Theflooded area in full storage level (NPA) is 18.3 ha, allowing for a totalstorage of 1 509 dam3, foreseen for the improvement by irrigating circa 300 ha.


Environmental Impact Study

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1992 - 1996



DRATM - Direcção Regional de Agricultura de Trás-os-Montes


TPF Consultores


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