Rabacinas Dam

Rabacinas Dam
Rabacinas Dam

The EISincluded the characterization of the reference situation in order to identifyand limit sensitive areas of ecological and archaeological point ofview/architectural, that could condition the execution of various works, accesspaths, location of the shipyard, stains, etc.; the identification, predictionand evaluation of positive and negative impacts during the construction,operation and maintenance of the recovery phases, and after its abandonment anddecommissioning; and the definition of a set of measures to minimize thenegative impacts generated by the construction and operation of theexploitation, and to propose a Plan of Environmental Monitoring.

The damconstruction allows serving as a watering system with water pressuredistribution benefiting an area of approximately 20 hectares.

The dam, inzoned landfill will have 94 m of development crowning with 6 m wide and amaximum height above the natural terrain of 18 m. The total volume of landfillis 28 dam3. The area flooded in the full storage level is of the order of 1.3ha, which corresponds to a total of storage of 58 dam3.


Environmental Impact Study

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2000 - 2001



DRABI - Direcção Regional de Agricultura da Beira Interior


TPF Consultores


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