Vila Cova Wind Farm

Vila Cova Wind Farm
Vila Cova Wind Farm
Vila Cova Wind Farm

Vila Cova Wind Farm, located in Vila Real, consists of 20 wind turbines with 2 MW of unit power and a total installed power of 40 MW, including the construction of one substation and respective control building.

The connection of the Park to the power grid is carried out through a 60 kV electric line with a 5,2 km extension.

The environmental studies included:

  • Characterization of the reference situation in order to identify and limit archaeological and ecological sensitive areas, which could condition the establishment of the wind farm;
  • Identification, forecast and assessment of potential impacts, positive or negative, arising from the implementation of the wind farm, immediate or long term, during the construction, exploration and decommissioning phases;
  • Definition of a set of measures capable of minimizing the identified potential negative impacts.

Environmental Monitoring was carried out during the pre-construction and construction phase and during the initial exploration phase.


Environmental Impact Study

Detail Design Environmental Conformity Report (RECAPE)

Environmental Monitoring during the Pre-construction and Construction Phase

Environmental Monitoring, in the Initial Exploration Phase, of Avifauna, Flora, Chiropteran and Vegetation

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2009 - 2013



ENEOP2 – Exploração de Parques Eólicos


TPF Consultores


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