Wind Park of Sicó

Wind Park of Sicó
Wind Park of Sicó
Wind Park of Sicó

The Detailed Design included:

  • The implantation of 7 wind turbines in the Ouro spot;
  • The implementation of 3 wind turbines in the Lomba spot;
  • The rehabilitation of 2265 m of existing accesses;
  • The construction of 3917 m of new accesses;
  • The implementation of a substation / cutting station / command building in the south zone;
  • The installation of two sections of high voltage line (60 kV) with a total extension of 291 m (two branches with 95 and 196 m) and the de activation of a line section of 341 m.

Project follow-up from the preliminary study phase with the elaboration of the Environmental Impact Study, characterizing the reference situation of the area to be intervened, with the limitation of sensitive areas to be preserved under the ecological and archaeological aspects, identifying and evaluating the impacts of the project and proposed mitigation measures. In a second phase, the Environmental Compliance Report of the Execution Project was prepared.

Environmental and Archaeological Monitoring of the Construction Work was carried out, as well as Environmental Monitoring (birds, bats and flora, vegetation and habitats) during the phases prior to the implementation of the project, construction and exploration.


Environmental Impact Study in Preliminary Design Phase

Detailed Design Environmental Conformity Report

Detailed Design

Tender and Licensing Processes

Environmental and Archaeological Monitoring of the Construction Works

Environmental Monitoring of Bats, Birds, Flora and Vegetation

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2002 - 2011



Empreendimentos Eólicos da Serra do Sicó, SA


TPF Consultores


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