Portugal Pavilion

Portugal Pavilion
Portugal Pavilion
Portugal Pavilion

Coordination and supervision of the construction works of the Portugal Pavilion, designed by architect Siza Vieira.

This building is renowned for its large square covered by a remarkable sagging concrete roof (3.000 m2). 

This square, known as the Ceremonial Square, was where all the Expo 98 official ceremonies took place.

Portugal Pavilion has 6 different leisure areas:

  • “Sala dos Banquetes” (The Banquet Room), with 407 m2
  • “Sala das Caras” (The Faces Room); 
  • “Sala do Protocolo” (The Protocol Room), with 282 m2
  • “Pátio” (Pátio), open air space with 387 m2
  • “Sala da Viagem” (The Journey Room), with 435 m2 and
  • “Sala de Entrada/Porta Atlântico” (The Entrance Room / Atlantic Entrance), with 200 m2


Construction Works Supervision

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Work's Value

23.5 Milhões


1996 - 1998



Parque Expo S.A.


TPF Consultores


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